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Been a very long time now (almost a year) without a single new post. Thought I should try and bring this blog back to life. What better way of going about it than by showing off my brand new motorcycle.

This January I finally got off my backside and did the RTA motorcycle pre-learner course. It was a long time coming for us.. just ask KD. This is a two day courseĀ  which teaches any would-be riders the basics of motorcycles and riding. All equipment is provided and it’s a bargain at $78 (heavily subsidised by the RTA) for 2 days.

I checked out Red Baron Motorcycles in Liverpool and was interested the moment I saw the Honda VT250C sitting on its own out the front of the dealer. All I needed was for the dude to start her up and I was sold. I didn’t tell him this at the time though and after some bargaining on price I can now call this baby my first bike.

The day it came home, I had to set up my off-shoe speedlite in my garage and snap of a shot or two. Here is one of them.

Honda VT250C

Somehow google’s indexing has also got ahold of it now. And the flickr image shows up on the first page of Google image search for “vt250c”. This model is also commonly known overseas as the Honda Magna & the V25 Custom.